All-Weather Platform

Risk Framework

Elix Aviation aims to be the risk partner of choice for airlines, and the risk manager of choice for investors looking for uncorrelated, downside protected, commercial aviation returns.

What is an
All-Weather Platform?

Over the past years many investors and lessors entered into the aviation segment because it was perceived as low-risk coupled with long term stability (despite known cycles).

Risk assessment and management was a lower priority and not priced correctly or managed.

Elix Aviation was created and specifically built around a segment of aviation that was underserved, is more complex, and has higher perceived risks
(but with underlying long-term stability and better returns).

How is risk valued?

Holistic Risk Framework

The Elix Aviation platform’s proprietary information flows, delivered through decades of airline, OEM, MRO, and broad supply-chain experience provide Elix Aviation with unparalleled insight into local market, airline, and specific aircraft conditions and trends.


Elix Aviation fuses that information in a way that creates a multidimensional risk picture into which it layers its structuring, pricing, drafting, and asset management workflows.


From every transaction’s composite risk picture, the Elix Aviation team leverages a comprehensive toolkit of incentives and disincentives, commercial, economic, and legal mitigants with an exceptional track record of successful leveraging to generate left-of-repossession outcomes, or when required, turnkey execution and enforcement.

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