Elix Aviation Creates New Asset Management Business

Dublin – 15 July 2021: Elix Aviation, the international regional aircraft leasing company, has created a new business division to focus on Asset Management services.  This pivotal move will allow the new business to leverage its current platform’s expertise and experience.

According to Elix Aviation COO, John Moore, “the new business, backed by our team of experienced industry professionals, will focus on providing key services to investors and financial institutions who, to date, have had limited options to choose from to efficiently manage aircraft investments and risks.”

Building on its current managed portfolios, Elix Aviation can now offer services to a wide array of clients, including airlines, aircraft owners, potential investors and debt and equity providers.  Services will be provided across all aspects of the asset ownership cycle, from deal origination, acquisition and leasing through to end-of-life solutions. With an experienced global team and deep industry contacts, the new business brings a competitive solution to the marketplace. 

Elix Aviation was initially established with a focus on the turboprop market segment, where leasing was historically underrepresented, and which requires a specific focus and set of skills not common to the larger aircraft segment.  It represents market dynamics with different risk and return profiles.  Elix Aviation has built a highly capable and experienced All-Weather leasing platform managing its owned regional aircraft portfolio.

Covid-19 has evidenced the fact that investors and lessors who entered the aviation space in recent years had not adequately priced and assessed risk, perceiving aviation to have long term stability and being non-cyclic in nature.  A key attribute of Elix Aviation is the ability to identify, assess, price and manage risk.  Elix Aviation’s platform has broad experience over a wide range of lessees and jurisdictions with capacity to grow and to broaden the company’s footprint of aircraft types and market segments.

The regional market has been heavily impacted by Covid-19 but has also shown a certain level of resilience and potential for recovery.  Elix Aviation foresees opportunities for growth and development as the market for regional and domestic demand steadily recovers.

About Elix Aviation 

Elix Aviation is a regional aircraft leasing platform established in 2013 to offer comprehensive asset management and leasing solutions to airlines, lenders and investors in the regional aircraft market. Elix Aviation’s uniquely specialized platform is well positioned to retain and grow a market-leading presence in regional aircraft leasing and continue its streak of innovation and dedication to the sector.  The platform is led by a management team with deep aviation expertise and a strong network of relationships across the industry.

For additional information, please visit us at www.elix.aero

John Moore

Email: info@elix.aero

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